More Scholarship Winners Announced

Going to the Women in Aviation International Conference in Orlando, Florida this spring just got easier for these outstanding young women.

Rachel Lynch

Rachel Lynch had always dreamed of a career in aviation, but never thought it could become a reality. Rachel_LynchIt was during her junior year in high school, after talking with her father one afternoon, that she realized it was indeed possible to pursue a degree in aviation. “It was in the same dream job category as an astronaut or rock star until I took the steps to check it out,” shared Rachel, who has not looked back since she made her decision. Since most aviation schools are in more rural areas, Lewis University’s proximity to Chicago was very attractive to Rachel, who enjoys networking.   The size of Lewis’ aviation program has been most helpful to Rachel, as it has given her the chance to know her professors, flight instructors and many others involved in the aviation department. Rachel stated, “I think it is great that the Chief Pilot here knows me by name and says hello to me in the hallways!” When asked about her career goals, Rachel explained that she would really like to be a corporate pilot but “just wants to fly.”   Rachel believes that the lessons she has learned and support she has received from some of the really dedicated professors will be the key to her future success. Rachel chose this field not for the money, but because she believes it will make her very happy. “It’s exciting to think about the future and the places I’ll go and the things I’ll see,” expressed Rachel.
Marie Connelly

Marie Connelly is the recipient of two scholarships:  The Women in Aviation Travel Scholarship and The Dessault Falcon Jet Scholarship

Marie was raised in Berwyn, IL and lived with her parents and 3 brothers.   She played soccer growing up and joined the high school team and the swim team.   She was in the National Honor Society as well. Her interest in aviation began when she was young.   There were no other pilots in her family but she used to visit museums and was always fascinated by the airplanes.   In the spring of her senior year she decided that becoming a pilot wasn’t such an unrealistic goal and decided to attend Lewis University and pursue her dream.   Now a sophomore at Lewis, Marie is in the final stages of training for her Private Pilot License and will earn it this semester.    








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